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Serene Air – The Awful Truth About Your Last Hour

Serene air, the aroma of falling snow, and heavenly waters; oh, I cannot recall a time when I have not been in heaven. I may even be mistaken, but I believe that the first person to witness this sight is none other than Jesus Christ himself. Even in his final hour, when he lay prostrate before Pontius Pilate, He said that we should not let the clouds hide the sun, because it is written in the book of Psalms that the sun is God’s light and it gives life to all things.

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Remember how He answered those who said that it is not God who created the sun and the moon, but only man? In saying so, He was implicitly saying that it is not man, but the sun, that set the day and the light that illuminates it. This interpretation is highly significant. How can man set up his laws and limitations without subjecting himself to them?

God is of absolute, infinite power, and God is not to be questioned, for He is God, and all things are in his hands. In that sense, there is no greater proof of the truthfulness of His word than when He said, “We shall walk in serenity and tranquility,” and that we shall abide in him.

When we are found living in a serene atmosphere, a wonderful thing happens. We experience deepness of mind and ease of life. Life can become a pleasure rather than a burden. I remember how the youth of Rome had taken pleasure in singing and dancing in festal festivals and parades. That happiness faded, however, with the passing of the Second Republic.

The more I reflect on that period, the more I realize that they were mostly the simpler people, one might say “hypocrites,” perhaps even “simpletons.” When you think of those same joyful days, you would certainly agree with me that all of us now in heaven, most especially you, are being reunited with those precious memories. And, not least, you are reuniting with your Heavenly Father. The scriptures are silent concerning our last hour, but God Himself can enlighten us as to the things of eternity.

To put it briefly, the scripture tells us that at the Last Day, God will look down from heaven and behold the secrets of heaven. God will judge the living and the dead, and He will see the secrets of His own heart. I cannot tell you the depths of those revelations.

If you are going to find serenity, then take steps to remind yourself of God. No one can give you that serenity, so I encourage you to find ways to acquire it by which you will enjoy it.

Serenity is not that happiness, a feeling of serenity, but that God’s presence is present. All you have to do is open your eyes. Let your soul rest upon His mighty throne.

The Hebrew word ‘seir’ means taking pleasure. Jesus Christ Himself wanted you to take pleasure in His great message. He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. The one who searches for me finds me.”

As the gift of serenity grows, He assures us that His presence is that of a God of peace and of boundless love. His presence is that of perfect knowledge.

So seek to prepare yourself for God’s heavenly, blessed hour. Live in serenity, I pray, in His presence and in His love.

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