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Air Blue: A Branding Strategy For Other Airlines

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A catchy catch phrase is Air Blue. The clever slogan was coined by a marketing company in the United Kingdom to promote their airline, British Airways. The airline subsequently branded it as its own – to the tune of £2 million. This proved to be a successful strategy for British Airways as they were able to create an identity for themselves and attract a loyal following by linking their logo to Air Blue.

On first glance this bright color would appear to be unprofessional and not in keeping with the aesthetic and artistic taste of most corporate clients. However, this very non-professionalism was actually a strength in the way of advertising the airline, as it differentiated the airline from their competitors, and allowed the airline to position itself at the forefront of innovation and fashion in the air travel industry.

This is why, Air Blue was so popular. And why we need a similar strategy to help us navigate the airline industry today. So what are some of the tactics which may work for other airlines?

The first thing that is often overlooked when strategizing for the industry is how airlines can market themselves to clients. How can a business person to market their business to clients and whether or not the strategy of branding is necessary? Well, if you have considered the fact that the message of this modern age is one of service and communication rather than solid commercial products and services, you will understand the power of branding.

Brands are marketing systems. That is what brands do for businesses – they connect the business to the client, thereby giving the business the feeling of being connected to its intended audience, resulting in increased brand loyalty and social acceptability.

Since a brand is the air space above a network of one or more carriers and other services offered by that airline’s service, a branding strategy would be required in order to connect the service, products and other services offered by an airline to the client. In order to achieve this, Air Blue branding could be used as a template to bridge the gap between the airline’s service, the airline’s business, the client and the customer.

When we travel, we expect something different and that is why, to keep up with the times, an airline will even go the extra mile to offer their customers a wide range of complimentary services and amenities. It is important to keep them happy and thus, reward them with discounts and other things that make them feel like they are part of the airline’s social experience.

By doing this, the airline would be able to make more money and sell more tickets. On the surface, this strategy sounds good, but in reality it is not and one must beware of imitating these schemes.

Just like a brand, a marketing strategy would be needed to position the airline in front of its customer and the relevant demographics. But the advertising process does not have to be expensive.

As you know, it is possible to promote an airline’s services through online activities such as an eBook, audio content, or other media outlets and ultimately allow people to spread the word about the services offered by the airline via word of mouth. What is more is that once an airline begins offering discounts or freebies or something of that nature, people would then be more inclined to try it out and maybe even join the airline as a regular traveller.

All in all, branding is an excellent strategy in the airline industry. Air Blue is a great example of a strategy which shows how one could leverage a marketing strategy for other airlines.

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