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Spend a Great Visit in Dzukou Valley

Dzukou Valley is a fine spot to spend a wonderful afternoon. An hour of walking through the calm beauty of the surroundings, and one of the best hikes you can have, after a while.

dzukou valley

The trek starts from the trailhead for Shitimati, or Dzukou village. It is not an easy trek and it requires fitness, endurance and stamina. There are some hotels here but they do not offer accommodation.

This trek has two ways of going. You can either go up the hill or down the hill. There are steps that are going to be taken at both the starting points. One has to be careful while taking the steps because they have some sharp corners.

It is located right in front of the beautiful view of the river, where you can enjoy your dinner and drinks before you proceed towards the village. Here, the lovely scenery is first introduced and then followed by the grand tour.

The trek has four sections. Each section has to be done individually to enjoy its benefits. This is what makes the trek worthwhile.

The first part begins from the famous ravine known as Shum Mokkar. It is a very steep path. One has to go up it to reach the village.

There is a small river in the valley that is suitable for those who love the place and also for those who love to do swimming in the beautiful panorama. In this part of the trek, there are some houseboats available to enjoy the river view. They offer shelter for people during the night and there are some amazing camping sites around the village.

The second part of the trek is also a wonderful place. The second part includes the national park, which is great place to go and explore. There are some wonderful walking tracks through the national park that is great to enjoy your experience with nature.

The third part is on the side track. It is close to the forest and there are some great walks along the river that takes you to the village. You can enjoy some wonderful hunting experience here.

The fourth part is that of water falls. It is just a short walk up the steep hills to reach the water falls. There are many water falls in this valley.

The last part is a long trek through the national park. It is in between the Chhatu Falls and the Dzungaria Falls.

One has to say that this valley offers many tours and more than one place to enjoy the wonderful tours in the country. It is the one that will take you to the second highest peak of the world and also to the highest mountain on the high Andean plateaus.

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