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bangalore to kerala flight

The city of Bangalore is considered as the first city in South India. It’s the capital city of India and its administrative center.

However, traveling to Bangalore is not that easy for many reasons. This is the reason why you should choose your airline tickets carefully when you are going for the flights to Bangalore.

You might get surprised on how many people are willing to fly to the city only to spend time here only. Most of the people do not like the crowds or the hustle and bustle of the city and prefers to stay away from it.

Well, the journey is never complete without the tours, which allow you to experience the best of the city. These are the best options for the tourists who want to see all the major landmarks of the city. Tours to Bangalore are also a part of this city’s travel package.

The city of Bangalore also enjoys most of the budget tourists. However, if you want to visit the major tourist destinations of the city, then your best option is to book your air tickets to Bangalore.

Traveling to Bangalore in a budgeted way makes it easy for a traveler to visit India’s most popular destinations. Tourist places such as Mysore, Mussoorie, Visakhapatnam, etc.

The World Heritage City of Bangalore is also known as the India’s financial hub due to its presence of the famous Glass City. Numerous reputed banks and financial institutes are located here.

As the real estate industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in Bangalore, several talented and young people have set up their office here. The city is also popularly known for being the headquarters of prominent companies such as Google, Cisco, eBay, Sony, Microsoft, HP, Canon, Motorola, Vodafone, etc.

So, whatever be the nature of your tour, Bangalore will always remain your favorite destination. Besides that, the city offers some of the most exciting and memorable festivals throughout the year.

One of the most important festivals of Bangalore is Thataluyadi Puja festival, which is held on a different day every year. During this festival, a lot of spiritualist, and Hindu symbols are playing out to make sure that everyone take part in the puja with care and piety.

The Adi Gana Yoga Ashrams, a prestigious yoga academy is the place where you can find lot of interesting activities, as well as some great classes in Ayurveda and yoga. Many local trainees have even attained the title ‘champ’ by taking up these courses in the Ashram.

The last but not the least, would be the Ganesha temple, which is situated at a distance of about 30km from Bangalore. Ganesha is a symbol of India and hence, many devotees visit the temple to pay homage to him.

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