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Bangalore to Mysore Train: The Best Options For a Holiday

Chennai and Bangalore are the two major cities of the Southern part of India. Mysore is also an important city in Southern India, having a railway station, all the major corporate offices and of course the lovely beaches. Hence the popularity of this lovely city is increasing at a very fast rate.

bangalore mysore train

In the recent years, Mysore has seen an influx of people moving to the city for a better and greener life. Due to the low taxes that Bangalore charges, many businessmen are now making their way to this city to set up shop in one of the business parks there.

A short train ride from Chennai and Bangalore, it is not surprising that a Mysore Train would soon be in the news. But, where will one go to have such a special vacation? Here are some options.

The best option is a trip on the GVK Train which connects Bangalore and Mysore. This train, as the name implies, is one of the premier trains from Delhi to the town. You can even reserve a berth on a GVK train here.

The second best option is to take a special train from Bangalore to Delhi which takes only five hours. This train departs from Old Mysore Railway Station. Travelling by train from Bangalore to Delhi, you will be able to travel between Bangalore and Old Mysore, the old trading center of the region.

If the more adventurous types are looking for something a little further out, then there is another excellent choice, which is taking a flight and travelling by land. Take a look at Bangalore to Mumbai flights.

This option includes booking a complete flight and hotel reservationsto be able to book a full package for one from any airline to a place like Mysore or Bangalore. It is ideal for someone who wishes to see all three cities. A Bangalore to Mysore flight takes about a day.

There are very few options that are both affordable and effective when it comes to travelling between Bangalore and Mysore. One such option is booking a tour package from the North India Tour Operators’ Association. This package is very beneficial for anyone who wishes to experience what Bangalore and Mysore have to offer, without having to plan and prepare a whole lot of things.

To get to Old Mysore Railway Station, you need to take a train and it takes about four hours from the North India railway station. In addition to that, Old Mysore Railway Station is also known as the place where the famous dance duo, the Baolis, was formed.

Mysore is famous for its lush green landscape, rich culture and colourful festivals. So the green buses that run from Mysore to Bangalore, make your trip to Mysore a very special one.

The water features in Old Mysore, the riverbank cafes and the beautiful beaches have a unique charm that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world. Travelling to Old Mysore Station is one of the most popular and historic ways to see this part of India.

The list of Bangalore to Mysore trains may continue but there are several options for travellers to choose from. There are many reputable and cheap airlines and hotels in Bangalore to Mysore that can help make the trip less expensive and more pleasurable.

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