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Luxury Accommodations in Chennai

ascendas it park chennai

Ascendas it Park Chennai is a newly constructed luxury accommodation in the heart of the city. It is located close to the IT Park, which serves as the main office for the country’s leading IT companies like Infosys, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, ICICI Prudential and many more.

The high rise building Ascendas it Park has been made in three-storey design and is about forty-five meters in height, making it a world-class structure in the city. Its five-star facilities and lavish features make it not only a comfortable accommodation, but also an ideal place to meet your needs and requirements.

What makes Ascendas it Park not only a place to stay but also a highly sought after holiday destination is its incredible variety of apartments. With more than a hundred of rooms spread across eight floors, it is possible to find the perfect accommodation for your needs. In addition, each floor has its own unique and original ambience and layout.

The Ascendas it Park accommodation comes with amenities that you are looking for. The reception area is located in the lobby where you can feel very safe and secure in your visit. The reception room provides a private space for you, with separate dressing areas and CCTV cameras.

When staying in Ascendas it Park, you will also get to know that it is only one of the well-known luxury apartments in Chennai. The luxury apartments in Chennai come with in-room laundry, resident manager and chauffeur services and parking, along with complete kitchen facilities.

These luxurious hotels are just within walking distance from busy streets and the city’s main public transport routes, making it convenient for your visit. With all these facilities at your disposal, you will have an easy time in exploring the city. The luxury apartments in Chennai, which are designed to suit the tastes of every traveler, are spread across various floor. This gives you the opportunity to choose the place that suits your needs. Some of the rooms that are available are:

Five-Star Accommodation – Each room has its own unique furniture and features, providing its own unique ambience. A list of the suites includes:

Sanjeev Kulkarni’s Suite: It comes with a modern toilet, smart television and sound system, and plenty of modern amenities. This suite is ideal for those who would like to stay in a new luxury apartment and at the same time, enjoy some nightlife on the weekends.

Shishir 4 suites: This suite is found on the top floor and offers guests a panoramic view of the city. It is equipped with the latest LCD TV, Wi-Fi internet and plenty of modern amenities.

Shishir 3 suites: This is the second floor of the apartment and features a modern bathroom, executive living room, dining table and fully equipped kitchen. You are able to enjoy your day exploring the city and at the same time, have your dinner in the spacious and exclusive room.

Walk in Shillong Park Accommodation: An interesting part of the Park’s luxury apartments is the walk in rooms. Walk in rooms provide visitors a good view of the City Center of Chennai and its rich cultural background.

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