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The Jaipur to Allahabad Train

allahabad to jaipur train

Over a year ago, my parents left the city of Allahabad to visit Rajasthan. However, they didn’t choose a train tour as they wanted to travel by a more comfortable vehicle.

I too am a graduate from the Jalore, Kota and Bhopal. Although I have lived abroad, my heart was tied to the Jaipur region in India. Although it is considered to be one of the most prominent tourist places in India, it is not that easy to get to. The fact that it is in the middle of the desert also makes the journey long and tiresome.

So, my parents took the train for Jaipur. But when they went for that, they did not expect anything unexpected.

As far as their expectations were concerned, it was more than an enhanced experience when they arrived in Jaipur. They got a glimpse of the culture, tradition and diversity of the Jaipur region.

I have also been to Jaipur, so I have an idea of what I would experience during their journey. Once my parents left for the trip, I was left with my own thoughts. To this day, I cannot put it into words.

I was certain that this would be the trip which will highlight the God and the Heaviness of the City. I have always seen the culture, tradition and spirituality of the city as well as the beauty of the Darjeeling Hills and the breathtaking landscapes.

Of course, I was not wrong about the Jaipur region. But, I am certain that it would not be possible for me to witness its splendour unless I go on a Jaipur to Allahabad train. This was the only way in which I could witness the whole journey from beginning to end.

And when I decided to visit Jaipur for the first time, I was also fortunate enough to have a visit on the train. And I was even more fortunate because I met people who would allow me to keep the souvenir gifts that were presented to me by those who had gone before me.

I took a lot of photographs during my stay in Jaipur. This is because I learnt a lot about the culture, traditions and spirituality.

There are some famous temples in Jaipur and these are the Raj Ganga Sagar Sahib Ji Temple and Jain Temples. In fact, those who wish to visit the hill stations of Jaipur should visit the Beas River and see the sunrise.

If you want to have a quiet journey on the Jaipur to Allahabad train, then there are coaches for those passengers. There are also coaches for those who wish to spend a quiet time at the station after a hard-hitting journey.

Most of the train stations in Jaipur are blessed with a superb view of the Arabian Sea and the Jaipur Lake. These can be viewed even from the comfort of the train.

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