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Aalia Resort Haridwar

The name Aalia Resort Haridwar evokes thoughts of golden beaches, relaxed ambiance and fun-filled activities. The resort has something for everyone including luxury apartments, villas, a swimming pool, a spa, sports facilities, spas, health centres, tennis courts, beach bars, dining facilities and much more.

aalia resort haridwar

Haridwar is considered to be a nature lover’s paradise. While the beaches are ideal for swimming, water sports, surfing and other water sports, the Haridwar villas are ideal for relaxation and recreation. The property also offers a variety of rooms that offer personal space to enhance one’s relaxation in private.

With its enchanting natural beauty, breathtaking view of the serene countryside and the architectural heritage of India, Aalia Resort Haridwar is sure to provide you the perfect retreat to enjoy your stay. The hotels that have been awarded the highest mark for style and comfort are situated on the coastal side of the resort while the other locations in the resort offer maximum convenience for convenience, comfort.

There are two hotels that can be selected from when looking for hotels in Aalia Resort Haridwar. The hotels located along the beach front are in an excellent location to walk to the Gateway of India and the Golden Temple for tourists.

The Aaliama Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in the area. The hotels located on the Western side of the resort offer a tranquil environment while offering guests the privacy and serenity that are a must in any hotel environment.

The Shri Kasi Temple is also situated along the beach in Haridwar. It is also one of the major attractions of the tourists who come to visit the town of Haridwar.

Haridwar is one of the richest cities in India. The lively and colourful nightlife of the city is known for its variety of entertainment options and attractive venues.

The exotic experience of staying in the Aalia Resort Haridwar will not be complete without staying in the Rajamala Gardens. The Rajamala Gardens are considered to be the largest garden in the world with more than 10 more flowers in bloom at any given time.

The Wildlife Institute of India is one of the major attractions of the resort Haridwar. The Centre is well equipped with different types of animals like elephants, tigers, leopards, hyenas, monkeys, crocodiles, tortoises, lemurs, etc.

Haridwar attracts large number of tourists from across the world each year. The town is home to some of the finest hotels and resorts of India that have not only created a memory for its guests but also become their favorite destinations for holidays.

The Aaliama Hotel, the Kasi Temple, the Rajamala Gardens, the Wildlife Institute of India and the Raja Man Singh Temple are some of the popular places for tourists. The prime attraction of the place is the tranquil harbour, where visitors can get a breathtaking view of the city and ocean.

The only disadvantage of staying in the Aaliama Hotel is that it is situated in a less than ideal location and is just a few kilometers away from the airport. The staff is also not so efficient.

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