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Things to Consider When Looking For Cheap Flights

cheap flights

Cheap flights can be expensive depending on your location and time of travel. If you are traveling with your family, traveling with young children or traveling to a place where the weather is not ideal, then getting the cheapest flights possible is necessary. It is never too late to plan for flights before you need them.

JetBlue Airways is known for their price competitive pricing. They have the best airline prices, they never overbook flights and they are a leader in many of the air travel and car rental industry. They are also on board with any need you may have.

They offer: Regular Check-In, Pre-Check, and Advance Ticketing. Pre-Check allows you to save $100’s and has the added convenience of not having to spend two days at the airport. You also get a seat reservation that is held until the flight is scheduled for departure. This is great for busy moms and dads who are waiting to leave for a weekend away.

Tickets: $125.00 can get you a pass good for up to four people and one car. This gives you an extra twenty minutes if the flights get delayed. Not only are you saving money, but you are also giving yourself extra time to get from one location to another. Many airfare agencies will offer an extra hour of checking in, but only a certain number of tickets are available.

Flights: Airfare agencies require that you reserve flights months in advance. Some of these reservations will be used during your regular flight times, however, this is a fantastic option for those who plan on flying more often than once a week. Discount airlines like Southwest and Spirit Airlines allow you to book tickets for travel less than a month before the travel date. So there is no reason to wait for your flight to be available to go anywhere.

Flight fee: Many companies will charge a fee for the free air fare. If you are not familiar with all the fees you will need to check out the company’s terms and conditions to find out what is not included in the fee. Airlines often include a certain amount of gas mileage into the price of the flight. The exact amount is included in the ticket price but you may need to pay a gas station for the amount of miles they travel.

Days Off: Some airlines will have a 30-day or even a 365 day guarantee. If your airline does not offer this guarantee they will charge you an additional fee. There are also travel insurance policies that offer you the exact same freedom as these deals.

Service Charge: There is a service charge, so check the fine print. You will be able to keep your frequent flyer status if you opt to pay the service charge. This is free for those that have the pre-booked ticket. For those that have not pre-booked the flight, the service charge is also included in the price of the ticket.

Discount on meals: Major airlines have a discount on meals. They may offer you a meal for the same price you pay for a regular ticket, but the meal will be at the airport, will cost less and will be much better. There are also international airlines that offer better and more exotic meals at a better price.

Additional Passenger: There are some airlines that have an additional passenger pass for friends and family members. Sometimes the extra passenger is there for free or at a reduced rate. For example, the United flight will charge passengers for a fare of about $70 per person, but if the additional passenger will be paying for a hotel for the day then it will only cost you about $30.

With the wide variety of travel agencies to choose from, it is not hard to find cheap flights. It is just a matter of deciding which airlines offer the best rates and which ones give you the most value for your money. If you feel like you need some extra savings, there are some airlines that offer you special deals that may make your travel more affordable.

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