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Pakistan Railway – How is the Railway System Formed?

Pakistan Railway is the national railway system of Pakistan. The Pakistan Railways is an important pillar of Pakistan’s infrastructure development. The national rail network comprises three major railway systems: Chitral-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-Balochistan and Sindh-Pakistan.

Pakistan Railway

Apart from being a major part of our transportation system, the national rail network is a vital link between different cities of Pakistan. Its integrated transportation system consists of over 4000 stations, which makes it the busiest and fastest railway network in the world. In the last few years, the railway network has introduced improved trains and added more exciting stations to make travel fun.

A high speed rail network is one of the vital components of the railway network. Trains are scheduled to reach their destinations at almost the same time by using this technology.

Each railway station can update its train schedule using the train scheduling system. This allows passengers to get information about the departure and arrival time of any train.

The system includes communication systems for providing information such as transfer systems, ticketing, local information, train traffic and train arrival. Ticket reservation can be done either online or at a station.

Communication systems can also be used for the transfer of luggage. Each compartment has its own conveyor belt to facilitate quick pick up and transfer of luggage. Special lockers for luggage are available at railway stations.

Various road maps can be used for driving directions as well as finding favorite tourist spots. The location map of the railway stations can be used to check whether the stations are close to any important points. Many of the stations have information centers where commuters can get help in solving common problems related to travelling.

Internet and cell phones are now readily available in every station. Telephone numbers are posted at each station to ensure prompt service for commuters.

This service was started in the 1980s to ensure smooth connectivity and convenience. Telephones have been installed at various stations so that people can contact the stations easily. Some of the well known phone numbers include Pakistan Telecommunication Company, Pakistan Textless Network Information System, Phone Number Service, Pakistani Telephone Number System and Pak Information Service.

A library has been set up at many railway stations to allow free access to literature and the Internet. Library card holders can receive the online book catalog.

National railway network has made traveling in Pakistan easy and affordable. All commuters can check the details of their journey and get the best rates and fares.

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