Southwest Pet Policy

How to Fly with Pets:


In-Cabin Pet Policy

On the off chance that your canine or feline meets the necessities recorded in Southwest Airlines pet arrangement to go in-lodge, you will require an affirmed aircraft pet transporter. The most extreme size transporter that can be carried on a Southwest flight is 8.5″ high x 18.5″ long x 13.5″ wide. On the off chance that you are going with a delicate sided transporter, the stature should be estimated when compacted. There should be adequate space for your pet to stand up and pivot in the transporter. It should have a waterproof base and should have satisfactory ventilation. Get more details about pet policy 2021 here.

A limit of 6 pets is allowed per flight. Southwest pet strategy is one pet transporter for each paying grown-up traveler. Two tiny canines or felines can go in a similar transporter as long as they are of similar species.

Pets Allowed:

Little canines, felines and family winged animals
Young doggies and cats should be at any rate two months old enough.
Course Restrictions:
Pets are not allowed to go on global flights including those to Puerto Rico.
Southwest Airlines will fly pets between Hawaiian islands; be that as it may, they don’t offer support of pets traveling to Hawaii.
You should advise Southwest Airlines that you are going with a pet. Bookings for pets can’t be made on the web. The charge for moving a pet in the lodge is $95.00 every way. Any trips on courses presented with AirTran are liable to AirTran’s pet strategy when flying on their airplane. Pets should be checked in at the air terminal ticket counter, anyway clients can in any case make sure about their ticket on the web, at curbside checkin, the air terminal booth, or the ticket counter. Read about best hotels 2021.

Law Enforcement, Service and Emotional Support Animals:

Southwest Airlines will acknowledge canines prepared in the obligations of law requirement in the lodge at no charge as long as they are went with their controllers, subtleties of their central goal and a letter of confirmation. 

Administration and enthusiastic help creatures may fly in the lodge on all homegrown and global flights served by Southwest Airlines. 

Proprietors of prepared assistance and enthusiastic help creatures should give verbal affirmation with respect to the preparation of their creature. ID cards or vault desk work won’t be acknowledged as confirmation of preparing. On the off chance that the traveler’s inability is indistinct, Southwest representatives may pose inquiries about the creature’s capacity to serve the traveler. 

Starting September 17, 2018, just canines, felines and small scale ponies will be acknowledged as administration creatures. Just one feline or canine for every traveler will be acknowledged as enthusiastic help creatures. These creatures are prepared to give help to physical and mental inabilities. Travelers are urged to inform the carrier ahead of time of movement. 

Administration and passionate help creatures should show appropriate conduct while in the lodge. They can’t meddle with lodge activities or different travelers. Proprietors are mindful to accommodate their creature’s sterile prerequisites. Take ticket for less.

Checked Baggage Pet Policy:

checked things
Southwest doesn’t offer checked things administration for live creatures at present

Air Cargo Pet Policies 2021:

show payload
Southwest doesn’t offer air freight administration for live creatures presently.
Air terminals Served
Southwest serves numerous areas in the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.
Young doggies and Kittens
Southwest little dog or cat import
Southwest will ship pups and little cats more than about two months old enough (homegrown in-lodge flights).
Prohibited Breeds
Prohibited Dogs in UK
Southwest doesn’t prohibit canine or feline varieties from going in the lodge of their airplane. Forceful conduct won’t go on without serious consequences


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