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What to Expect From the Wintertime in Las Vegas:

Like other parts of Nevada, Las Vegas receives a lot of rainfall during the summer months. Las Vegas’ climate is primarily dry and arid, occasionally wetter than other cities’ climates. The climate in Las Vegas is also largely unpredictable, as rain can fall at any moment, even on a sunny day.

Extreme heat and rainfall are two of Las Vegas weather conditions which make outdoor activities difficult to conduct during the winter. Most outdoor activities are prohibited throughout the month of February because of the severe heat and rainfall that occur throughout the month of February. Although, you may still find some outdoor activities, they will be very much dependent upon weather conditions. The temperatures which are experienced in the desert can be extreme and often unsuitable for even the most dedicated of outdoor enthusiasts. Read time in Las Vegas vacation holidays trips.

Extreme heat is experienced in the spring and fall months of the year. Throughout these months, the temperatures are consistently warmer than those experienced during the summer. It is because of this reason that many people who are used to the warm climate of summer, avoid heading to the desert for their vacations. The intense temperatures that are experienced in the desert can wreak havoc on your body. Some of the more common symptoms of the extreme heat include heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Another very popular winter pastime is snowboarding, but the high temperatures can actually be hazardous to those who like to practice their hobby during the winter. As previously mentioned, the excessive heat and rainfall that are experienced in the winter months can cause temperatures to be too high. If you were to head out onto a mountain trail during the winter, you would likely encounter some level of difficulty. The same can be said of taking part in other outdoor sports during the winter, such as snowmobiling and even skiing. 

Weather Forecast for Las Vegas:

Although the extreme heat and precipitation can be quite problematic, it doesn’t mean that the forecast for Las Vegas weather is bad! The weather forecast for the month of January is actually predicted to be relatively mild with average temperatures reaching ninety-five degrees. With temperatures at this high, you may want to pack some form of clothing that will help keep you warm and dry, such as a wool pull-over sweater. Other forms of clothing that you should not wear include long pants and jeans because they will only get colder if they are worn outside. For those who plan on taking in the sights of the town during the night, sunglasses and snowshoes are highly recommended. Get information about Las Vegas strip map flight tickets cars.

If you were to head out to Vegas during the middle of the month of August, you can expect to experience the best Las Vegas weather that there is. Average temperatures hit the low to mid fifties and the heat begins to rise. While July is considered to be the hottest month, many people do not opt to visit Vegas during this time due to the extreme heat. Even though heat can be exhausting, it is important to remember that Las Vegas has a light air conditioning system that operates most of the time, thus allowing individuals to stay cool and comfortable.

While the summer months are considered to be the peak month for tourists to visit Las Vegas, it is important to keep in mind that even the cooler months of fall can bring about some outdoor excitement. While temperatures may be a bit lower than those of summer months, the weather in Vegas is still considered to be perfect for all events. One of the best aspects of Las Vegas weather is that the temperature does not fall below forty degrees for more than a few minutes during the day, which is the longest any area of the desert can remain cool for. Because of this, swimming, hiking, golfing, baseball, tennis, and other outdoor activities are available year-round in the desert. Get cheap flights to Vegas.

Weather Today in Las Vegas (LAS):

When it comes to cold temperatures, however, weather Las Vegas can also become rather uncomfortable for those who wish to go out and experience Las Vegas to its fullest. Average temperatures during winter months can drop as much as ten degrees below those of summer months. Because of this, swimming can become extremely difficult, especially in the mornings. If temperatures are expected to remain below freezing for any length of time, one can also expect to stay away from other outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, or even skateboarding due to the risk of sliding on slick surfaces. Because of these conditions, one should also avoid spending time in areas where temperatures are expected to spike by ten degrees or more, especially at night. Overall, with a little preparation, Las Vegas can be a wonderful place to visit with family and friends during the winter months. 

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