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Why is the Federal Government Giving Away Free Data to Private Investigators About Flight 93?

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The federal government has used a number of resources to help understand and locate Flight 93. What they discovered about Flight 93 is interesting to say the least, and it serves as a lesson for what not to do when dealing with these types of resources.

The Federal government could very well be the most adept resource for information on this plane. They possess the information about the flight, they have been given access to this information by the families, and they now claim that they need help in locating Flight 93.

However, when looking into their web site they claim that the data they have available for them to see concerning Flight 93 is that the data is currently "Inactive". In other words, it has never been generated.

This makes sense when you look at how these agencies handle data and documents, but it also raises another point. It raises the question as to why the Federal government would give them information like this, and it begs the question of how they came to these findings.

I think the answer is because they got it from the families, and they did not have to pay a penny to get it. Rather, they actually donated the data.

Now that you have an idea of how the families are receiving the data, it also gives you a better idea of where the information came from. Now you know why the FBI are stating that they cannot give out this data, and you also know why they would not be able to locate Flight 93.

The Federal government donated the data and flight path that Flight 93 is said to have taken. After the families donated the data, they used it to create an impressive presentation of the flight path that was shown to them.

As you may not know, when you donate data to the government, they use private detectives to try and figure out who the owner of the data is. This means that the data was not in the public domain when the data was donated, and this is why no one can get to the data by using private detectives.

However, now we know that the federal government is using private detectives to locate Flight 93. And here's another thing about the private detectives.

They are only after information about the whereabouts of the flight and not the people who owned the information. These private detectives were hired by the FBI, and they are attempting to get the Flight 93 data so that they can use it to pinpoint who owns the information.

The families of Flight 93 are being taken advantage of, and they are being used as a tool for the FBI. That is very wrong, and we must put a stop to this.

The families of Flight 93 need to remain vigilant and keep watching what is going on. If the FBI has a copy of the data, then they need to get rid of it, because the flight's data has already been handed over.

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