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The Commercial Road to Dubai

After attending the Dubai – London conference, I was intrigued by many of the things I learned about Dubai and its people. There is much that is worthy of note in the announcements of the conferences and I would like to share my observations on a few of them here. Those are:

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The conference was hosted by some senior U.K. executives who were heading up the Dubai’s Industrialization. According to their media releases, they intend to be Dubai’s commercial bridge between Europe and Asia. Most of the executives spoke about the Dubai’s global plan and the integrated policy of strategy that helps a strong, modern state emerge from poverty. It is quite interesting to know that many of the economic policy makers and CEO’s were at one time from Britain. However, it was not until recently that the British have been able to venture into this flourishing island in the Persian Gulf.

They have joined the Dubai’s leadership by appointing nine leading American executives who are making an effort to give their board members the opportunity to promote the country in the United States. During their official meeting in London, their board members were able to give an overview of what the United Kingdom can contribute to Dubai’s economy. Other than this, there were very nice gestures and pampering that were conducted by many of the British business people.

The meetings with the Dubai’s PM were an excellent opportunity for many of the British officials and senior company executives to meet with the most important men in the country. However, the question that remains is whether the attendees of these official meetings in Dubai and London share common values. We might ponder about this point while listening to the sounds coming from the conference center.

One of the most conspicuous matters that came out of the Dubai-London conference is that the citizens of the emirate do not enjoy the kind of due process in criminal procedure that they would expect from other societies. On top of that, the citizens complain that the Emiratis are treated as second class citizens. These things need to be resolved immediately. Therefore, one wonders why a conference is held if the leaders will not go that extra mile to address the issues in a concrete manner.

Some observers have pointed out that the proceedings on the PVP panel and discussions with the people from the country were well received by the British. However, we cannot ignore the fact that they were quick to extract this information when the PVP panel was undergoing the session. In the conference proceedings, a lot of importance was given to the ties that exist between the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. However, it is also worth noting that these relations are founded on mutual trust and confidence.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that there are massive investments that are being made on the real estate development in Dubai and the UAE. However, in the U.K., there is no mention of a plethora of deals that are going on in this country. This issue must be discussed at the political level.

What was not apparent in the conference was that the attendees were given enough chance to express their views and opinions. One would also wonder about the tone of the discussions because the discussion was mostly limited to fairly straightforward policy directives. More importantly, one needs to learn more about the people who were involved in these meetings with the Emiratis. If this is not done, a lot of things will get lost.

The industrialization conference is a very good initiative to connect the United Kingdom and the Emiratis and with the same being said, we should always do our best to ensure that we have a good dialogue with them and they know where we stand. If we let ourselves be pushed around, then we will never be able to tackle matters that can give us a big advantage. The rulers in Dubai and the people from the Emirates have taken the benefits of our expertise and the British who are living there cannot be ignored.

One thing that is not clear is the real meaning of this conference and the hard work that will be required in order to push our way forward. It is clear that there are some issues in the board room that need to be addressed by the people who are invited to attend the conferences. It will be clear in the months to come when the outcome is known.

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