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Artificial Lakes in India

artificial lakes in india

The artificial lakes in India have a long history. It was during the medieval times that it was created, and it became a part of Indian tourism in the early modern era.

Since ancient times, the lakes had to be large and useful. It was only after the coming of railways and waterborne vehicles, that these lakes came into their own. The train age and the steam age spurred on this development.

Today, there are many lakes in India. Some of them still retain the historic name. Some are created to serve recreational purposes and are called gardens or rivers. The differences between the two types are immense.

Artificial lakes can be found in areas with high rainfall. This kind of lakes is created in areas where the water table is high. They provide recreation, entertainment and experience for both people who visit the lakes and those who live in these areas.

Most lakes are located in mangrove forests. The mangroves help in the creation of these lakes, as they act as a shelter from the winds. But, the fish in these lakes come from different streams and rivers which have not been affected by mangrove growth.

The artificial lakes in India are used as a marketing gimmick. There are many lakes in India that are used as the work sites of those who set up commercial enterprises in that region. They are used for a variety of purposes such as cleaning of vehicles. The water is cleaned and changed into a fresh, clean water that is later used for purposes such as watering plants, drinking and bathing.

Lakes in India are used for medicinal purposes too. The most common areas are the one in and around Pondicherry. It is also used for domestic purposes such as cleaning washing machines and dishes. It provides clean water for a variety of purposes.

Lakes are used in various seasons of the year. The seasonal usage is for recreational purposes. The fish in the lakes come from various streams and rivers which have not been affected by mangrove growth. They are fresh and clean in the lakes which offer recreation and experience.

An excellent example of an artificial lakes in India is the Bird Heaven, Hyderabad. It was built to act as a tourist attraction. It has all the facilities required for any kind of tourist to enjoy himself or herself in this park. It has freshwater ponds, waterfalls, water fountains, and beautiful landscaping.

The lake of Bird Heaven is an oasis. It was designed to act as a bird lover’s paradise. It has many species of birds, and a great deal of breeding land has been made available for the birds to nest.

It also offers a very peaceful ambience to those who visit the lake. Many old buildings have been restored, and many new structures have been put up. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in India. It is an important tourist attraction in Hyderabad.

Artificial lakes in India can be used for other purposes too. It is an affordable and easily accessible form of recreation, education and pleasure. It has already spread its wings and will continue to flourish.

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