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Ambala to Ludhiana – Two Lands, Two Rivers and Two Cities

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Ambala is the historic capital of Himachal Pradesh and lies in the western part of the state. It is a beautiful place to visit with its picturesque cliffs, meandering water stream, breathtaking beauty of the temple and many interesting monuments that add to the charm of this ancient city.

When we say ambala to Ludhiana, it means two lands, two rivers and two cities. This term has been used for many years in India and has a meaning of a meeting of two lands to unite them through blood or through some other bond that binds them.

In Himachal Pradesh, they call this place as Bharat Mata ki Aarambul. This beautiful but an old city that were never under the rule of Mughals, British or others, which was a place of religious significance to Hindus and Sikhs, has been brought back to its ancient glory by one of the most remarkable kings of this region, Rana Suri. It is considered to be the birth place of the Agra.

Ambala has all the makings of a royal city. Tourists like you will love to visit the place, which can be divided into three parts, viz., east, south and west.

In medieval times, it was a royal city and was ruled by many princes. It was the home of several beautiful temples and popular pilgrimage centres. During this time, it was also a very important place of learning and famous for the Saraswati temple. The main temple of Ambala is the Sariska Temple.

To get to Ambala from Ludhiana, you can take the Jal Mahal from there, which is a symbol of Punjab. If you prefer, you can go through the gateway of the city, which is the Khan Jila Gate, to reach the golden city.

The importance of Ambala is a strong reason for it being called Bharat Mata ki Aarambul. Here are some other interesting places of interest.

Kakori Darcha is a beautiful temple and symbol of prosperity. This place is famous for the beautiful saris of Ambala. The flower of Ambala is well known for its wonderful aroma.

Kishornan and Mahal Darpakhas are the local places of tourist interest in this beautiful city. While there, you should not miss the splendid domes, which can be seen in the wonderful palace built by Jai Singh, the predecessor of Suri.

Maharaja’s Havelis and the building of the local king, Jai Singh, were all found in this city. When we say, ambala to Ludhiana, it means two lands, two rivers and two cities.

Amrit Vihar is the only building of importance that is mentioned in the city. The Chandigarh fort and Duleep mandir are the other interesting places of interest. The royal and popular temples of the city are: Lalit Kothi, Munji Mandir, Ashok Laxmi, Sudarshan Kashi Mandir, Jagdish Temple, Ashtagiri Temple, Kalshetra Shikara Swachh, Dashashvini Temple, Haridwar Sahib Ji, Dilshodhar Temple, Bharat Mata ki Aarambul and Tara Sahib Ji.

Ambala is indeed a city of great beauty and richness. You can enjoy a memorable trip here by a weekend trip or a week long tour to enjoy the beauty of this land.

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